V3 Design Build manufacture Glass Fibre Reinforced Concrete (GFRC) architectural castings.

Lightweight, durable and providing tremendous design flexibility, GFRC is often used in commercial construction for non-structural architectural components such as wall panels, window spandrels, façades, column covers, window headers, fountains, balustrades, cornices and artistic masonry forms and shapes. Replication of natural stone in a variety of colour and textures is possible when GFRC is specified. GFRC technology is also widely recognized as a superior alternative to imported terra cotta stone for use in historical replication where reproducing elements and achieving an aged appearance is required.


GFRC can be produced in a vast array of colours or textures. While architects and end users often choose traditional, lighter colours (that resemble limestone or match traditional grey precast), the latest technology in pigments allow darker or more vibrant colours to be achieved.


Compared to concrete, GFRC is an environmentally friendly alternative. A significant amount of environmental footprint is produced in cement production as it requires burning an excessive amount of fossil fuels. Since a lot of it is made by using glass fibres, GFRC uses less cement than normal concrete. All these other benefits aside, GFRC is a lot more durable and longer lasting than conventional concrete.


Glass Fibre Reinforced Concrete (GFRC) was created to ensure the attributes of concrete and stone continue to be enjoyed but with the efficiency in application that is expected in today’s world of design. .

Welcome To V3 Design Build

V3 Design Build has a manufacturing plant strategically located in Hyderabad, Telangana. This allows Advanced Architectural products to deliver any state in India.

  • We provide custom architectural solutions for projects in commercial as well as residential markets.
  • We specialise in GFRC Rockworks, Design & Build, Landscaping, Waterfeature, Pools, Ponds and Filtration System.
  • Our experience and expertise help us to deliver the result in quick time.
  • 80% lighter in relation to normal pre-cast steel reinforced concrete cladding.
  • GFRC product does not corrode or expand.

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